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Girl Banned from Football because of Her Gender

Title IX requires that schools receiving public funding must allocate those funds equally between male and female educational programs such as extracurricular sports. Since its passage over 40 years ago, Title IX has mandated equal opportunity regarding the promotion and expansion of extracurricular sports for female students. Back in March of 2012, Cynthia Augello, Associate [...]

Chicago School Closings Update

The injunction hearing regarding the closings of around 50 Chicago Public Schools began Tuesday July 16 and continued through Friday July 19, 2013.  The Board of Education of the City of Chicago has been brought to court by parents from the school district and teachers from the Chicago Teachers Union because of the disproportionate affect [...]

Hitler a Part of the Justice League?

As part of a long-standing tradition, freshman art students at Thailand’s premier Chulalongkorn University designed a mural for the graduating class. Unfortunately, in an act of poor taste and lack of forethought, the students’ display depicted Adolf Hitler giving a Nazi salute surrounded by superheroes such as Batman and Captain America. Hitler, painted in gray [...]

Math Test Equals Strip Search? It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Recently in Quebec, a high-school staff stripped searched a class of twenty eight sophomores before a math exam. On the day of the exam, the staff requested that every student place their cell phone on the teacher’s desk in order to prevent any cheating. When the staff realized one of the phones could not be [...]

Chicago School Closings Unlawful?

With summer coming to an end, parents and children alike often worry about the upcoming school year: new teachers, new classrooms, a whole new experience. However, the Chicago Public School (“CPS”) District has added to the concerns of many Chicago parents and students due to their plan to close 53 elementary schools and one high [...]

Dodgeball Eliminated from New Hampshire School

Do you recall your childhood days of playing dodgeball during gym class? Leaping to the left and right, diving to the ground, trying to escape elimination while dodgeballs streak past and constantly plotting your next attack. Dodgeball has always been a staple of American playground competition but the nature of the “human targeting” game has [...]

The Supreme Court Issues a Decision in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons Inc,

Following up on our previous blog post addressing Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons Inc., the Supreme Court recently held, in a 6-3 decision, that the “first sale” doctrine applies to works produced and sold overseas. The decision, reversing the Second Circuit, came much to the chagrin of American publishers. The Court’s ruling essentially holds [...]

Breakfast Pastry Turned Gun

Traditional notions of innocent playground antics have been irreparably altered as a result of recent tragic events, such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Games of “cops and robbers” may become schoolyard folklore as schools adhere to a zero-tolerance policy concerning even the imaginary use of weapons at school. Recently a student at [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets and the First Amendment – Revisited

In February 2012 we discussed the turmoil that had erupted at schools across the country as students donned breast cancer awareness bracelets with the slogan “I (Heart) Boobies”. The bracelets were quickly banned after school officials claimed that they caused a substantial disruption to classroom activity. Students argued that the ban amounted to a violation [...]

Electioneering in Math Class

Politics in math class? Students at Brevard Community College were not only directed to solve mathematical equations but told who they should vote for in the presidential election. Sharon Sweet, a professor at the college, allegedly urged and may have even mandated that her students vote for President Barack Obama. An investigation was conducted in [...]